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Biomass & Biogas 2024

Energy from Nature

Energy of biological origin, obtained from the remains of agricultural or forestry production or from waste or wastewater treatment, is available almost everywhere. In addition, by-products or substances whose disposal would otherwise be expensive or almost impossible can be disposed of by using it. At the same time, when it comes to biomass and biogas from agricultural and forestry raw materials, we should strive for its sustainability, i.e. that it is not about raw materials that could be used for the production of food or wood products, but exclusively about residues and waste. Namely, this is the only way to guarantee 100% carbon neutrality and renewable energy sources.

The topic of this year's seminar dedicated to the possibilities of applying renewable energy sources this year is exactly biomass and biogas, their production and energy utilization. As always, the goal is to present the latest technological solutions, achievements and realized projects, and to show in which direction the development of the application of biomass and biogas in Croatia and Europe is taking place.


18 April 2024
Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre

Pressure Equipment 2024

More than Two Decades of Gathering Experts in the Field of Pressure Equipment

Ever since 2004, the Croatian Pressure Equipment Seminar has traditionally been a gathering place for professionals in this economically important area. Namely, pressurized equipment represents the basic elements of energy, process and thermotechnical systems and occupies the second place in terms of number in the industry in the countries of the European Union. Its construction, production, inspection and maintenance are extremely important for the safety of people, material goods and the environment, but also for the economical operation of the plant.

The Seminar, which marked the 20th anniversary of its organization in the last year, is therefore conceived to be a central place for the gathering of experts in the field of pressure equipment and all others for whom pressure equipment is part of their daily work in any way.

23 May 2024
Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre


QIRT 2024

See You in Zagreb in 2024

The biannual Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT) Conference is a meeting of the scientific and industrial community interested and actively working in research, application and technology related to infrared thermography.

1 - 5 July 2024.
Zagreb, The International**** Hotel

A New Era of Transport 2024

The Transport Transition is Speeding up

The era of classic vehicles (but also vessels and aircraft), powered by internal combustion engines using petroleum products (i.e. fossil fuels) is slowly ending and the whole world is turning to new solutions for vehicles, vessels and aircraft, but also new solutions for organization and transport. In addition, the changes that need to be made in the energy mix in all countries of the world in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and meet the goals of environmental protection and climate change mitigation are largely related to transport.

Of course, Croatia is no exception and therefore for the fifth year in a row A New Era of Transport has been held, a conference focusing on electric and gas vehicles (compressed, liquefied), hydrogen and fuel cells, but also on all others solutions for sustainable transport development.

10 October 2024
Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre


Power & Energy Masters 2024

Energy for New Generations

Ever since 1994, when we first held a conference with a title 'Energy and Process Plants', we have remained faithful to topics that precisely reflect the current situation in power and energy industry, but also provide guidance on how this sector will develop in the years to come. At first in Dubrovnik, then in Rovinj, Umag and Zadar conferences gathered experts and scientists in the field of power and energy industry, energy economy, gas technology, renewable sources, environmental protection, representatives of higher education, research and inspection institutions, professional associations and government agencies, but also manufacturers of energy and power equipment, plants and devices, as well as engineering, design and consulting companies from Croatia and the world in order to be informed about professional and business news, implemented projects and plans, exchange experiences and thoughts, but also enjoy socializing.

We have remained faithful to this tradition to this day, and we believe that Vodice, as the new venue, will certainly bring some new ideas, not only in power and energy industry, but also beyond...

6 - 8 November 2024
Vodice, The Imperial Park Hotel