Happy Easter to everyone!

Group 249 Happy Easter to everyone!

ENERGETIKA MARKETING wishes you all happy Easter!

Spring has arrived, which for many means that usual spring fatigue. Therefore, a few days of the holidays will surely come in handy. In addition to being a time of family gathering and socializing, it is also an opportunity to find time to, as much as possible, rest and relax.


Forum on Gas 2024 was Held

Group 249 Forum on Gas 2024 was Held

This year's Forum on Gas showed that gas will be a necessary energy source in the coming decades.

For the 23rd time in a row, the Forum on Gas (that was held on 21 March this year in Zagreb) has shown that gas as an energy source is still not to surrender. The process of energy transition, i.e. the transition to a completely decarbonized energy system and such a society and economy, requires time, and gas will here play a major role in the coming decades. Namely, it is a reliable and flexible energy source whose importance cannot be ignored. The same applies to the entire gas industry and gas professionals, for which there will be a need for years to come. Finally, today's gas technology is an excellent basis for the gas technology of the future, which will most likely be based on hydrogen and biogas.

Accordingly, gas infrastructure development projects continue, such as the expansion of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Omišalj, new gas pipelines, and the interconnection with neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, we should not forget 'small' projects that increase gas consumption for other purposes, for which the compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station for vehicles in Slavonski Brod is an excellent example.
At the same time, gas consumption in Croatia has been stabilized after several 'turbulent' years, especially when it comes to the so-called to customers on the transport system. This also applies to prices, which are expected to be even lower in the coming period.

When it comes to the professions that make up the gas chain, at the Forum there were again engineering presentations on the topic of gas application, and an attempt was made to provide answers to some questions from the everyday practice of gas servicemen, gas fitters and chimney sweepers. In addition to all that, it should also be mentioned that this year's Forum started with a protest by 'activists' who oppose to the use of gas (but also to any other solution of modern energy and economy and even to common sense, but that's another story...).


Portal newsletter for March 2024

Group 249 Portal newsletter for March 2024

The Newsletter of our portal for this March has been published...

In the specials on the portal in March you can read:

• what advices for doing business on the gas market gives Mario Matković, executive director of MET Croatia Energy Trade

• about the new conference called Renewable South that ENERGETIKA MARKETING is preparing in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina

• about solutions for small bathrooms offered by TECE

• about a new record in the use of robots in the world

• on the issue of fees for usage of roads that should be paid by operators of gas distribution, power distribution and transmission systems

• a comment on the topic of the abundance of various incentives and supports in the 'super-election' year.


New Issue of EGE Magazine has Just Arrived

Group 249 New Issue of EGE Magazine has Just Arrived

The new issue of the EGE magazine has just arrived from the printing house and is also available on-line.

The first issue of tje EGE Magazine in this year has just arrived from the printing house and is immediately available on-line.

The main theme of this magazine issue is today quite unpopular and that is gas. However, there is no doubt that the gas, despite the fact that its consumption in Croatia falls steadily from year to year, will remain one of the main energy sources for many years.

On the other hand, when it comes to the future, the implementation of new technologies, digitalization, automation and robotization, it is certainly bright, as it was confirmed by the recently held conference just under the name of a Bright Future.

Challenges brought by the energy transition, news from the field of renewable sources, experiences with the implementation of solar energy in Slovenia, interesting things in the field of electromobility, thermotechnology and environmental protection - are just some of the topics of a new issue of the magazine.


And Again... Bright Future

Group 249 And Again... Bright Future

The Bright Future Conference, also our first conference this year, was held on 29 February in Zagreb...

Bright Future - Conference on new technologies, robotization and automation in industry and construction, smart homes, buildings and cities was held again in order for individuals, companies, the scientific community and society to cope as best as possible with the challenges brought by the development and application of everything offered by digitization.

Several examples of good practice show how digitization, robotization and automation, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things, cloud computing , augmented reality and machine learning are no longer speculative fiction, but the present.

Some of the innovative solutions presented are the creation of three-dimensional computer models of the actual site of the traffic accident with the help of an unmanned aerial vehicle and photogrammetric procedures, the use of artificial intelligence in the assessment of damage to motor vehicles, the integration of modern methods of research and mapping of the seabed, digital solutions for forecasting demand and optimizing stocks on warehouse, etc. Finally, the 'heart' of high technology in Croatia, the Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technologies (CRTA) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Zagreb, was presented.


Portal Newsletter for February 2024

Group 249 Portal Newsletter for February 2024

The 'Newsletter' of our portal for February this year has been published...

In the specials on the portal in February, you can read:

• reviews of representatives of several professional associations and one institute on the past ten years in the European Union

• about a new electric car of a long-known brand, but in a new guise

• about Clivet heat pumps as a solution for a completely electric future

• about why circularity is important in the use of biomass and biogas

• about the dark clouds that are hinting at the LNG market from the USA

• a comment on the issue of energy problems and their (non)solving in the 'super-election' year.


Portal Newsletter for January 2024

Group 249 Portal Newsletter for January 2024

The 'Newsletter' of our portal for January this year has been published...

In the specials on the portal in January, read:

• interview with prof. dr sc. Bojan Milovanović from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb

• about how Austrian companies and scientists managed to store the Sun under ground

• about energy efficiency, production planning for industry and energy, and solutions provided by Siemens Energy

• about the example of good practice at the Elan factory in Slovenia, which was achieved by experts from the companies Kovintrade and Hargassner

• about the problems that are increasingly bothering domestic gas distributors

• a comment on the topic of energy in the new, 'super-election' year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Group 249 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

ENERGETIKA MARKETING wishes you all a Merry Christmas and the New Year, 2024!

With the year coming to an end, it's time to draw a line and summarize everything we've done. The past 2023 was a year of turning towards the future, and we are building the future with you, our dear partners and associates. We want to thank you for your contribution and cooperation because without you it wouldn't be the same!

The beginning of the year brought a redesign of our portal The readability of the news and the simplicity of the design are something we are extremely proud of.

The EGE technical magazine celebrated 30 years of its publication in March, while the 150th issue was published in October. This year was therefore extremely exciting because we closed one whole circle and, apart from the jubilee that few can boast of, we decided to leave the surprise for the end of the year...

Of course, we have a number of successful conferences behind us. This year we organized as many as nine of them, and the great interest is a clear indication of how important the live events mean to you. We organized:
Bright Future
Energy from the Depths
Forum on Gas
Klima-forum and INTER-KLIMA Conference
Solar Energy
Pressure Equipment
District Heating
A New Era of Transport
Water in the Palm of a Hand.

In addition to the events we have organized ourselves, we are always happy to join forces with other experts. Thus, we participated in the organization of several projects with our partners, such as:
FieldWork4RES - digital transformation and RES

As we have already said, fort the end we have left big news that we have kept a secret for a long time. For the first time the EGE magazine was published in digital format. In addition, all subscribers will have access to a rich archive of all published magazines from 1993 to the present day.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone for your cooperation and we are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.
It's time to take a short break and recharge your batteries. We wish you to spend pleasant moments with your loved ones during the coming holidays. Lots of happiness, peace and love and success in the new year 2024 from the ENERGETIKA MARKETING team!


The New EGE Magazine is Now Here

Group 249 The New EGE Magazine is Now Here

The just released 151st issue of the EGE magazine is also a big turning point

The future is digital, and from its 151st issue EGE magazine is digital too. It is a major turning point in the 30-year history. Namely, this magazine issue, just like all future ones, is available in the usual, printed form, but also in digital form. This means that it can be read on paper, bud additionaly also (for now for free!) on a mobile phone, tablet or computer...

This magazine issue that concludes the year of the double jubilee (30 years of publication and publication of the 150th issue) is mostly dedicated to another anniversary: 10 years of Croatia in the European Union.


Water on the Palm of a Hand was held

Group 249 Water on the Palm of a Hand was held

The third consecutive Water on the Palm of a Hand Conference, also our last event in this year, was held on 30 November in Zagreb.

The European Union, when it comes to the water and utility sector, continues to accept more and more stringent regulations that members need to adopt in order to improve water supply and drainage and, consequently, protect water and the environment. One of the last regulations fine-tuning that area again is the Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption. It entered into force at the beginning of 2021, set new rules for changes in the permitted concentrations of certain parameters in drinking water and introduced new relations in water testing. This was one of the highlights of the Third Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection, Water Supply and Sewage Water on the Palm of a Hand, which was held in our organization in Zagreb on 30 November.

In addition, there was also talk about protection against legionella, the problem of sludge in wastewater treatment, the removal of microplastics from water, sustainability when it comes to water supply, blue-green solutions for the requirements of European regulations and the dangers that threaten Kopački Rit. It was also shown how solar energy is used in the Vukovar water supply system, how waste water treatment was solved in Poreč and how the first Croatian biological pool was created in Čazma. Finally, some of the solutions and procedures for purifying water and preserving the quality of water supply pipes offered by well-known global manufacturers were presented.

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