Pressure Equipment 2024

21st Croatian Seminar on Pressure Equipment

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 23 May 2024

Pressure Equipment has Entered its Third Decade

The Croatian Seminar on Pressure Equipment continued to be the central gathering place for experts in pressure equipment, which, due to the danger to people, the environment and material goods, is considered an extremely sensitive and demanding area. Proof of this is the two hundred participants at the recently held 21st Croatian Seminar on Pressure Equipment.

In the past 20 years of seminars, efforts have been made to fulfill the set goals and to organize the area of pressure equipment in Croatia in accordance with the adopted European documents and in the way it is organized in the developed countries of the European Union. However, like any technical field, pressure equipment also experiences constant changes, which is a consequence of development and the recognition of the need for constant updates to existing laws and regulations.

However, the realization of some of the set goals has not even started yet, or certain problems are emerging, which particularly relates to training for inspectors and for contractors preparing the inspection of the fire extinguishers and breathing and diving tanks. In addition, there is also a problem that has been plaguing the Croatian economy for some time, and that is finding suitable employees. Namely, as was warned at the round table as part of the Seminar, it can be noticed that some basic knowledge is already being lost today, which must be taken into account when plans and programs are made in schooling and education.


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