15th International Scientific-Technical Symposium Power and Process Plants

Power & Energy Masters 2022

10th International Forum on Renewable Energy Sources

Zadar, The Kolovare Hotel, 12 - 14 October 2022

We All Have to Solve the Energy Crisis and the Energy Transition Together

The state is not only politicians, ministries, agencies, state companies and parties, but the state is all its officials and employees of state bodies and companies as well as all its citizens and everyone should contribute to overcoming the challenges of the energy crisis and energy transition. After all, everyone could already be thinking about how to reduce energy consumption in their home or workplace, or about installing a photovoltaic plant on their house or building.

It was one of the highlights of the Power & Energy Masters Conference, i.e. the 15th International Scientific and Professional Conference 'Energy and Process Plants' and the 10th International Forum on Renewable Energy Sources, which was held on 12 - 14 October2022 in Zadar.

Croatia is therefore facing the realization of several significant energy projects, and it is certainly commendable that more and more industrial facilities, as well as tourist companies, are turning to renewable sources to cover their energy needs. Solar and geothermal energy, heat pumps, biomass and hydrogen are in the foreground.

In addition to all that, great efforts are still needed in the area of ​​energy efficiency in buildings, which is a problem that also plagues the entire European Union. The new requirements for the so-called zero-emission buildings, which do not have any greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, and which should already be the standard for all newly constructed public buildings from 2028. will contribute to find a solution this problem. Regardless, more and more investors are already showing interest in quality construction.

In order to solve all these challenges, several leading domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers and service providers presented their products and solutions as part of expert presentations and at exhibition spaces.


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