Voda na dlanu - Water on the Palm of a Hand 2023

3rd Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 30 November 2023

Water is all around us...

... however, appropriate equipment, devices, systems and facilities are needed to ensure top quality at the source, regardless of whether it is surface water (from rivers or lakes), underground, brackish or reclaimed water and cleanliness. The same applies to the water entering a house, building, industrial or energy plant - it must also meet the parameters of drinking water or technological water in various processes, for which it is also often necessary to process, prepare and purify it. After all, good examples of this are the food and pharmaceutical industries, where water must meet high hygiene standards, or hotels and hospitals where water installations are extremely complex and branched, and the water must be treated in such a way as to prevent the development of any dangerous microorganisms (e.g. legionella). Finally, when this water is used, it must be returned to the environment, cleaned of harmful substances, so that it can continue its natural cycle.

This was also the reason why in 2020 we started holding the Conference on processing, preparation, purification and protection of water, water supply and drainage WATER ON THE PALM OF A HAND.


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