Water on the Palm of a Hand 2023

3rd Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 30 November 2023

New Challenges Facing the Water and Utility Sector

The European Union, when it comes to the water and utility sector, continues to accept more and more stringent regulations that members need to adopt in order to improve water supply and drainage and, consequently, protect water and the environment. One of the last regulations fine-tuning that area again is the Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption. It entered into force at the beginning of 2021, set new rules for changes in the permitted concentrations of certain parameters in drinking water and introduced new relations in water testing. This was one of the highlights of the Third Conference on Water Treatment, Preparation, Purification and Protection, Water Supply and Sewage Water on the Palm of a Hand.

In addition, there was also talk about protection against legionella, the problem of sludge in wastewater treatment, the removal of microplastics from water, sustainability when it comes to water supply, blue-green solutions for the requirements of European regulations and the dangers that threaten Kopački Rit. It was also shown how solar energy is used in the Vukovar water supply system, how waste water treatment was solved in Poreč and how the first Croatian biological pool was created in Čazma. Finally, some of the solutions and procedures for purifying water and preserving the quality of water supply pipes offered by well-known global manufacturers were presented.


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