Forum on Gas 2024

23rd Forum on Gas

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 21 March 2024

Gas - a Necessary Energy Source for the Coming Decades

For the 23rd time in a row, the Forum on Gas has shown that gas as an energy source is still not to surrender. The process of energy transition, i.e. the transition to a completely decarbonized energy system and such a society and economy, requires time, and gas will here play a major role in the coming decades. Namely, it is a reliable and flexible energy source whose importance cannot be ignored. The same applies to the entire gas industry and gas professionals, for which there will be a need for years to come. Finally, today's gas technology is an excellent basis for the gas technology of the future, which will most likely be based on hydrogen and biogas.

Accordingly, gas infrastructure development projects continue, such as the expansion of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Omišalj, new gas pipelines, and the interconnection with neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, we should not forget 'small' projects that increase gas consumption for other purposes, for which the compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station for vehicles in Slavonski Brod is an excellent example.
At the same time, gas consumption in Croatia has been stabilized after several 'turbulent' years, especially when it comes to the so-called to customers on the transport system. This also applies to prices, which are expected to be even lower in the coming period.

When it comes to the professions that make up the gas chain, at the Forum there were again engineering presentations on the topic of gas application, and an attempt was made to provide answers to some questions from the everyday practice of gas servicemen, gas fitters and chimney sweepers. In addition to all that, it should also be mentioned that this year's Forum started with a protest by 'activists' who oppose to the use of gas (but also to any other solution of modern energy and economy and even to common sense, but that's another story...).




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