Seminar on Possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources Implementation

Biomass & Biogas 2024

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, 18 April 2024

Energy from Nature

Energy of biological origin, obtained from the remains of agricultural or forestry production or from waste or wastewater treatment, is available almost everywhere. In addition, by-products or substances whose disposal would otherwise be expensive or almost impossible can be disposed of by using it. At the same time, when it comes to biomass and biogas from agricultural and forestry raw materials, we should strive for its sustainability, i.e. that it is not about raw materials that could be used for the production of food or wood products, but exclusively about residues and waste. Namely, this is the only way to guarantee 100% carbon neutrality and renewable energy sources.

The topic of this year's seminar dedicated to the possibilities of applying renewable energy sources this year is exactly biomass and biogas, their production and energy utilization. As always, the goal is to present the latest technological solutions, achievements and realized projects, and to show in which direction the development of the application of biomass and biogas in Croatia and Europe is taking place.


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