Hrvatska 4.0

3rd Conference on New Technologies, Robotization and Automatization in Industry and Buildings

Zagreb, The Antunović Congress Centre, October, 28th 2021

Inspirations for the Future!

Industrial development has captured momentum, and social and economic changes are faster and greater than ever, so the implementation of new technologies and solutions takes less and less time. In this context, the development of digitalization and everything related to Industry 4.0 is moving forward, whose solutions we have already embraced, although we are not even aware of it. That could be the conclusion of the 3rd Conference on New Technologies, Robotization and Automation in Industry and Buildings Croatia 4.0.

Croatia has a lot to offer here, so the development of a new industrial strategy for 2021-2027 has already begun. At the same time, the European Union monitors changes and seeks to regulate relations in society and the circumstances that arise from the application of new technologies. After all, there are more than 3 million robots in operation in the world today, mostly in Asia, and China alone installs more of them in a year than the whole world combined.

That Croatia is keeping pace with new solutions is shown by the Perun 1 nanosatellite project, which is expected to be launched in May 2023, and leading domestic higher education institutions with their programs and projects keep pace with world trends, as evidenced by the new study of Mechatronics and Robotics at the FSB in Zagreb

Inspirations for the future were also shown by several domestic and foreign companies, equipment manufacturers and solution providers in the field of automation and robotization. Thus, the project of the first Croatian virtual power plant and the application of the IoT solution in one of the leading domestic gas companies was presented, as well as the opportunities that digitalization provides for the domestic industry.


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